100 Reading Comprehension passages prepared from recent Hindu Articles @ Rs 49

Many Aspirants have weakness in reading comprehension , they try to ignore this part of the questions . this proves to be a costly mistake as there are many questions on reading comprehension in any exam now a days
We have a collection of 100 Comprehensions prepared from recent news articles . 
This serves many purposes 
1. You will get good practice before examination
2. Current affair articles help in General Knowledge
3. As the next comprehension in you exam will be picked from recent articles , if you prepare from a 20 year old comprehension book , it rarely helps , you need fresh practice from the place where the comprehension passages are picked in examination i.e Newspaper.

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Why we posted this compilation
xaam team was  contacted by an English teacher working in a village , toiling hard to meet ends , he requested us to provide him some opportunities , so that he can fulfill his dream of Clearing UPSC one day. The problem is because of the dearth of employment in his village no parents want to spend money on tuition that too English tuition  . We helped him and he appeared for this years prelims , although with sound basics he is getting Approx 79 marks [ he belongs to the kind of candidate who has spent 2-3 months only preparing geography , ] This year prelims ditched the aspirants who did not prepared in a balanced manner ,rural aspirants are the worst affected kind . Now he has a long year ahead of him , financial broke but full of confidence . We earlier asked him to prepare trick videos which we will share on our you tube Channel [
https://www.youtube.com/user/xamTricks] , but video recording processing and sending over internet is a problem for him , mobile internet opens google in 10 minutes . As the video option was not possible which could have supported him we decided to ask him to prepare comprehensions [ It came in our mind when we saw the CSAT Paper 2 , it was stuffed with comprehension and gave many a scare even when it was qualifying ] . If you want to improve your English and let a helping hand to him buy the compilation and practice , more such compilations and English tests are in the pipeline . 

Source: xaam.in

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