1000 Plus IAS Previous Year Questions From Polity Economy SciTech Ecology Biodiversity and Climate Change[ 32 Mb]

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A must have compilation of IAS Prelims Previous year Questions with answer .As you know there were 30 plus questions repeated in 2015 IAS Prelims[ Click Here To Know More  Click Here For 2015 Repeted Questions  ] from the previous year paper . Approx same number of questions were repeated in 2014 2013 and years before that too .This year the same trend is expected ,  This document contains 1000 Plus Questions Compiled From the Subjects Like Polity Economy Sci Tech Ecology Biodiversity and  Climate Change . All Questions in this document have been asked multiple times in IAS Prelims.

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We earlier Uploaded The Document For History and Geography Click here To Get It : http://imojo.in/5yh4p9

Click Here to Buy For  Rs 99 [ 32 Mb]

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