15 + Questions Repeated in IAS Prelims 2016 From Previous Year Papers

Ask The Aspirant who Took prelims 2016 The Value of 1-2 More Correct Questions !!!
We Published This Previous Year Q Compilation 1 Month before UPSC CSE Pre 2016 Claiming Many Question Will be Repeated
Look What Happend
15 Questions [even more we are still checking ] in UPSC IAS Prelims 2016 were repeated from previous Year Questions of 1979-2015. 
[ Some Direct Copy Paste , Some Rephrased Some Combination Of Multiple Questions Previously Asked ] 
For Example 
[UPSC CSE Pre 2016 Set C]
64. Who of the following had first deciphered the edicts of Emperor Ashoka
(a) Georg Buhler (b) James Prinsep 
(c) Max Muller (d) William Jones
[UPSC CSE Pre 1992 ] [ Page No 64 of Our Compilation : http://imojo.in/1979_2016_Pre_Question]
Asokan inscriptions were first deciphered by
(a) Buhler (b) Robert Sewell
(c) James Prinsep (d) Codplngton
The Above Question is Factual From History , Many Aspirants were bewildered , where does upsc brings such questions .
Either You Know This Or You Do not Know , You Can Not eliminate the Options Here . You would Have know if You went through the previous year Questions , Thats where UPSC Brings Such Questions .
Detailed List Of repeated Questions : Click here
If You Are preparing for 2017 UPSC CSE , Start with This Document :http://imojo.in/1979_2016_Pre_Question
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