1979-2015 Political Science & IR Mains Optional Previous 37 Year's Questions

As Pol Science has Static Syllabus and there are finite number of countries when It comes to IR , Questions Gets Repeated From previous Year papers  [ Mostly Theory and Philosophy ( Western as well as Indian) ]
Below are a few examples , more on the booklet

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1.Compare and contrast the views of Kautilya and Machiavelli on Statecraft.(2015)
Compare and contrast Kautilya and Machiavalli on statecraft. 20 (2009)
               Draw parallels between Arthashastra tradition and the ‘Realist’ tradition
represented by Machiavelli. (2012)
2.Discuss the efficacy of judicial review in India.(2015)
An independent Judiciary, having the power of Judicial Review is a prominent
feature of the Indian Constitution(1982)

3.Critically analyze the discretionary powers granted to the Governor by the Indian constitution.(2015)

  Question in 2011
In normal conditions, the Governor is a constitutional executive but in case of
constitutional crisis, he can become a powerful and effective executive. Discuss

4.Identify the contested areas in centre state relation in india.(2015)
Question in 2011
It is not constitutional law but political factors that ultimately determine Centre States
relations in India.(2011)


Click Here To buy  1979-2015 Political Science & IR Mains Optional Previous 37 Year’s Questions

GS Paper 1 UPSC CSE Mains Previous Year Questions of last 37 Years 1979-2015

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