How To choose an Optional in Civil Services Exam by Swarochish Somavanshi, AIR-49, CSE-2011

For every beginner there is a readymade issue- How to choose the Optional Subjects? I thought to share My Experiences regarding it.The following steps can be used to select optional subjects. The weightage is in decreasing order. It means first point is the most important and the last one is least.

Public Administration UPSC mains optional Video lecture

ENLIGHTENING PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION LECTURES-Videos  Courtesy CEC UGC EDUSAT 1) Civil Services Exam. : Public Administration (Optional Subject): Link 2) Inclusive Governance – Public Administration: Link 1 Link 2 3) Development Administration: Link 1 Link2 4) Public Administration Evolution: Link1 5) Judicial Administration in India : Link 6) Behavioural Approach –