Living traditions occupy a prominent place in the Indian social system. Any living tradition has a natural flow. There can be no doubt about the fact that traditional art forms reflect the ideals of the society, its determination to survive, its ethos, emotions, fellow-feelings, and so on. Drama in itself

Musical Instruments of India

India is the inheritor of one of the most ancient and evolved music systems in the world. The continuity of the musical traditions of India is established through a study of musical texts and numerous visual references one finds of musical instruments in painting and sculpture from prehistoric times to

Hindustani Classical Music

Throughout the ages, man has sought to express the stirrings of his soul, the search for something beyond the mundane through the medium of the arts. The evolution of poetry, painting and other visual arts has been preserved on stone, leaves and paper but music being auditory, no such evidence

Indian Classical Dances

Indian Classical Dances Dance in India has a rich and vital tradition dating back to ancient times. Excavations, inscriptions, chronicles, genealogies of kings and artists, literary sources, sculpture and painting of different periods provide extensive evidence on dance. Myths and legends also support the view that dance had a significant

Indian Performing Arts

Dancers, Sun Temple, Konarak, Orissa In India, various facets of performing arts are all pervading bringing colour and joy to numerous festivals and ceremonies, and reaffirming the faith of the people in their heritage. These facets have been responsible for sustaining the long continuities of ancient traditions. They are the

Puppet Forms of India

A puppet is one of the most remarkable and ingenious inventions of the man. It has been said that a puppet has to be more than his live counterpart for it is definitely the suggestive element that is more captivating and enduring in a puppet. Ancient Hindu philosophers have paid

RBI limits overseas direct investments by Indians

[Reuters] Mumbai: India imposed restrictions on foreign exchange outflows on Wednesday in its latest attempt to prop up the rupee, as a spike in inflation heaped more pressure on policymakers to curb a crippling external deficit. Finance minister P Chidambaram also reiterated his pledged to narrow the current account deficit

Industrial output tipped to fall, raising stakes for rupee

[Reuters] New Delhi: India is expected on Monday to report a second straight contraction in industrial production in June, underscoring the challenge for policymakers to stabilise the battered rupee without hurting economic revival. A Reuters poll of 20 economists predicts output at factories, mines and utilities shrank an annual 1.2