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Science reporter April 2013

1 Gracilaria idinthakaraiensis in Rasthacaud coastal water, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India: a RediscoveryC Domettila and S Jeeva 1-3 2 In-vitro efficacy of fungicides against the growth of leaf spot pathogen [cordana musae (zimm.) Hohn.] of Banana Jalander V and B D Gachande 4-6 3 Study of gonadosomatic index of fresh water Fish Channa gachuaAshwini

Environment ministry simplifies clearance for highway expansion

The environment ministry has simplified the clearance process for highways expansion and setting up townships and area-development projects, following intense pressure to speed up the process to aid infrastructure development. Projects to expand national highways by up to 100 kilometres, which involve additional right of way or land acquisition up

India’s implementation deficit

When there is a global storm, the house with weak foundations will shake the most. In the 1990s, the Washington Consensus unleashed a global storm across all economies, demanding an end to protection against globalization to let the winds of global trade and global finance blow freely. The benefits for

Why did the rupee turn?

The rupee responded immediately to RBI governor Raghuram Rajan’s measure to augment non-resident Indian deposits by bringing down the cost of hedging dollar deposits to 3.5% from the market rate of around 7%. According to Barclays Emerging Markets Research, here’s how it works: Banks gather Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) deposits at London Interbank

Over 250 projects worth Rs 11 lakh crore queue up for fast-track clearance by PM-backed cell

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s drive to revive investor sentiment by fast-tracking large stalled projects through the Cabinet Committee on Investments (CCI) and a special cell under it is encouraging Indian companies as well as big foreign investors such as Shell, Cairn IndiaBSE -0.87 % and Dell to knock on the