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The Age of Nationalism

THE URGE to apply era-defining labels to global affairs is strong and enduring. A label and a few easy-to-understand attributes associated with it can impart a reassuring simplicity to what is actually a complex and often-intractable reality. While the disadvantages of era labeling, including oversimplification, are probably as great as

An insignia of firmness and honesty Raju Narayana Swamy

IntroductionNarayana Swamy was born into a middle class Kerala Iyer family from Changanassery, Kerala, India.He turned down a MIT Scholarship in order to pursue a career with the Indian Administrative Service. First Rank in State in Secondary School Examination 1983First Rank in Pre Degree Examination 1985Tenth Rank in IIT Joint

Odisha, Bihar, MP least developed states: Raghuram Rajan report

he Raghuram Rajan panel report has made a case for ending the ‘special category’ criteria for providing additional assistance to poorer states, as it ranked Goa and Kerala as the most advanced state and Odisha and Bihar the least. The committee, headed by the then Chief Economic Advisor Raghuram Rajan (now RBI

Important GK stuff compiled

1.Years Known as:   2001 – Year of Women Empowerment(Govt of India)   2002 -International Mountain Year  2003 -International Fresh Water year  2004 -International Year of Rice  2005 -International yeat of Microcredit International Year of Physics 2006 -International year of Desert and Desertification 2007 -Internation polar YeatYear of Dolphin 2008