Indian Forest Service Exam 2013 UPSC mains Question paper

Q1: Answer all five (8×5=40) Briefly highlight the contribution of Mauryas in the spread of Buddhism. Write a short note on the administration of Sher Shah Suri. Discuss ancient India’s trade with China. Write about the efforts of Congress party to solve the problems of Peasants during pre-independence period. Describe

Programme to prevent TB in children neglected

[hindu] Health workers are unaware of contact screening and preventive therapy in children below five years in households with newly diagnosed active TB patients The Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) that came into being in 1997 has to its credit some enviable accomplishments. For instance, it achieved country-wide coverage

The coast is clear for corporate polluters

If the Adani group is allowed to continue its development projects in Kutch simply by ‘compensating’ for their ecological damage, the Centre will set a dangerous precedent that lets money power trump environmental regulations The Adani Group may be fined Rs.200 crore for a series of environmental violations committed by