A brief history of climate science

[hindu] Climate change is often seen as a recent phenomenon, but its roots are actually far older – the effects of human activity on the global climate have been discussed for more than 150 years. By Ed Hawkins, University of Reading Climate change is often seen as a recent phenomenon, but its

$2 trillion cost to de-carbonise the world is actually a bargain

[hindu] We can avoid the worst effects of climate change and it will only cost $2 trillion a year. That’s a bargain. By Terry Barker, University of Cambridge We can avoid the worst effects of climate change, say a team of Imperial College energy engineers in a recent study, and it will only

A call for the Ganga

[hindu] Noted activist for the preservation of the Ganga Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand, formerly known as scientist G.D. Agrawal, tells us why India’s national river is different from all others He combines the clarity of a good teacher with the disdain of the activist who has given his life to

Ecuador allows drilling in UNESCO reserve

[hindu] Ecuador’s National Assembly on Thursday gave the go-ahead to drill in the Yasuni National Park, after failing to secure international compensation for leaving it untouched. President Rafael Correa asked the assembly in mid-August to allow the move, after a call went unanswered for developed countries to pay Ecuador for

New path in productive farming

[hindu] In November last year, Agriculture Minister of Dubai Abdulla Jassim Abdulla M Almarzooqi chartered a flight to Kerala to visit Anakkayam, a village in Malappuram district. There, he headed to the Agricultural Research Station (ARS) of the Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) for a first- hand assessment of the operations

New microscope uses neutrons to create hi-res images

[hindu] MIT and NASA researchers have devised a new microscope that uses neutrons — subatomic particles with no electrical charge — instead of beams of light or electrons to create high-resolution images. Neutron-based instruments have the ability to probe inside metal objects — such as fuel cells, batteries, and engines,

Singh and Obama play ‘small ball’

[hindu ] The September 27 Manmohan Singh-Obama meeting made some incremental moves, but the India-U.S. relationship needs more energy and stronger economies Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s White House visit September 27 was workmanlike and cordial, but the sense of barely meeting low expectations was hard to miss. The two governments

When the President speaks

[hindu] By voicing his concern over the legislators’ ordinance, Pranab Mukherjee has demonstrated noteworthy and subtle use of the presidential differential in echoing public opinion Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on the draft ordinance that could have protected convicted legislators have drawn understandable attention. But, in the process, a major flank of

Global AgeWatch Index 2013

Ageing gives us cause for celebration: longer lives throughout the world are a triumph of development. The 21st century is seeing an unprecedented global demographic transition, with population ageing at its heart. By 2050 – less than 40 years away – older people (defined as aged 60 or over) will