[OldNCERT] Ancient India: Geographical Background of Ancient Indian History and Civilization

[mrunal article] History of India cannot be understood without some knowledge of its geography. This article is mere compilation of following Old NCERTs: Ch.4 Old NCERT Class 11: Ancient India by R.S.Sharma (1990) Ch.4 Old NCERT Class 11: Medieval India by Meenaxi Jain (2002) Monsoon 1AD: Men understood the direction

Low growth, high inflation likely to persist in India

(Reuters) – Economic data in coming days will likely offer further evidence of weak growth and high inflation, complicating the Reserve Bank of India’s mission of cooling prices without worsening the slowdown and adding to the government’s difficulties as it heads into an election season. Asia’s third-largest economy has been

WHO’s to blame?

[dte] Are malnutrition figures in India exaggerated? Experts debate the WHO formula   Two-year-old Rani is severely malnourished (Photo: Reuters) This defies logic. Despite rapid economic growth, India has often been placed below sub-Saharan African countries that have very high number of malnourished children. But the government has no data