Tax Reform Commission to submit first report in six months: Parthasarathi Shome

The HinduParthasarathi Shome. The Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC), set up by the Finance Ministry to suggest measures to prevent economic offences among other things, is expected to submit its report in six months, TARC Chairman and Advisor to Finance Minister Parthasarathi Shome said here on Monday. The Commission held

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British Land tenure System: features, Consequences of Permanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari

Prologue General studies Mains Paper 3: Land reforms in India. But that is not ‘the end’ of land reform. Same topic and points also relevant for GS Mains paper land reform topic indirectly associated with 1 Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions Social empowerment poverty and

Peasant Struggles for Land reforms during British Raj

Peasant struggles in British India Can be classified into following groups: Before 1857′s Mutiny East India: Sanyasi Revolt, Chuar and Ho Rising, Kol Rising, Santhal Rising, Pagal Panthis and Faraizis Revolt West India:  Bhil, Ramosis South India: Poligars After 1857′s Mutiny Indigo Movement (1859-60) Pabna Agrarian Unrest (1873-76), Deccan riots

Role of Indian Congress in Land reforms during the British Raj, Gandhi’s Views on Land Reforms, All India Kisan Sabha

#1: Congress Provincial Governments 1937 After the provincial elections in 1937, Congress formed government in first Madras Bombay Central  Provinces Orissa Bihar UP later Assam, North West Frontier Province And they implemented certain land reforms in these provinces: @Bihar Good Enacted “Restoration of Bakasht Land Act”- to give back land