People from India, China out-educating us: Barack Obama

[et] 26 Oct, 2013, NEW YORK: Billions of people from countries like India and China are striving hard to “out-educate” Americans in mathematics and technology, President Barack Obama has said while stressing on education reforms to prepare Americans for a global economy where “jobs can go anywhere.”“In previous generations, America’s standing economically was so much higher than everybody else’s that

The Realist Prism: U.S. Must Be Prepared for Change in Global Partnerships

Washington got two important reminders this week that it cannot take anything for granted in the current international environment. On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, was reported as saying that the kingdom is planning to make a “major shift” in its relations with the United States.

Some Realities Behind China’s Call for a “De-Americanized World”

[fpa] October 23rd, 2013 The official Xinhua news agency’s recent call for a “de-Americanized world” echoed the argument that Zhou Xiaochuan, above, Governor of the People’s Bank of China, made in a 2009 paper urging adoption of a new international reserve currency that would replace the dollar as the primary

T N Ninan: So many, yet too few ,Who needs three million unemployable graduates?

[bs] New Delhi  October 25, 2013 India’s higher education system has seen breakneck expansion over the last couple of decades. From 4.1 million students in universities and colleges in 1990-91, the number reached 17 million in 2010-11 – most of them at different stages of pursuing a first degree, but