Fading judicial independence

The Hindu THE CORNERSTONE: It is not the judiciary alone which wants judges to be independent. Any civilised and democratic society requires this. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty October 26, 2013 The 120th Amendment Bill 2013 deviates from its U.K. model in the essential requirement of freeing judicial appointments from the executive

Catch-up in industrialisation

[HINDU]   October 26, 2013 It was the visible hand of the state rather than the invisible hand of the market that helped the developing world catch up with the industrialised countries The emerging significance of developing countries, which gathered momentum after 1980, is beginning to shift the balance of

Slipping on onion prices

[HINDU]  October 26, 2013 The humble onion is in the news yet again. Prices of the staple vegetable have been rising in recent days across the country, especially in Delhi where it touched Rs.100 a kg on Wednesday. It was only two months ago, in August, that onion prices shot

How Odisha Managed the Phailin Disaster

(EPW) A disaster, according to the National Policy on Disaster Management (2009), is “a catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence from natural or man-made causes, which is beyond the coping capacity of the affected community”. Odisha is no stranger to natural disasters with its long coastline adjoining the Bay of