Rajan does a Subbarao, sacrifices growth to control inflation

[bs] Having won the battle (but not the war) against currency volatility, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had two more targets in front of him-rising inflation and slowing growth. In the recently announced policy, he has chosen to train his guns at rising inflation. Rajan has continued fine tuning the economy

Lethal nanopowder , Can there ever be a life without mosquitoes?

Larvae of Culex mosquito (Photo: James Gathany, CDC) RESEARCHERS from Bengal Engineering and Science University in Howrah, West Bengal, claim to have found a cheap and effective way of controlling mosquito breeding: water-soluble carbon nanoparticles (wsCNPs). In a paper published online on September 12 in RSC Advances, the researchers showed

India to ask Reliance to give up 80 pct of D6 gas block

(Reuters) – India will ask Reliance Industries Ltd  to relinquish 80 percent of its east coast deepwater D6 gas block, including five discoveries, as the energy major has not adhered to timelines for developing the area, the oil secretary said. “We are waiting for the oil minister’s final order,” Vivek

IGNOU MA Political Science Material Free Download

MED-002 Sustainable Development- Issues and       LINK1      or   LINK2 MED-008 Globalisation Environment and             LINK1      or   LINK2 MPS-001 Political Theory.7z                                                               LINK1      or   LINK2 MPS-002 International Relations- Theory and Problems.7z               LINK1      or   LINK2 MPS-003 India- Democracy and                             LINK1      or   LINK2 MPS-004 Comparative Politics- Issues and                      

Kumkis deployed to prevent entry of wild elephant into human habitation

‘Forest Department should spend money on installing solar fence’ Kuppepalayam hamlet in Thondamuthur Panchayat on a Sunday morning is unusually busy. At the village centre, in the shade the residents have gathered around men in khaki, who sporting green caps are busy distributing handbills. A little away from the people,

On shaky ground

The Hindu Always her responsibility: Women mostly have to fend for the child. Photo : K. Bhagya Prakash Spousal maintenance has been found to be out of reach for most women from low economic or disadvantaged sections of society Memories of abuse remain fresh in the mind of Kalyani (name