Avahan India project prevented over 6 lakh HIV infections: Lancet

[hindu] AIDS Initiative was launched in 2003 in six States The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Avahan programme may have prevented over 6 lakh HIV infections in India over 10 years, according to a report in Lancet Global Health. It may be recalled that a 2011 study, by other institutes,

The Tenacity of the Hindu Undivided Family(epw) , Gender, Religion and Tax Concessions

Download pdf [epw] One of the most significant contributions of the R K Hazari report was the official identification of the 1960s “business group” as the basic institutional unit of organisation of Indian monopoly capital. The group, in this view, consisted of a number of related and unrelated activities controlled

He tried his best

[IE] But Manmohan Singh will leave the Pakistan relationship in greater flux than he found it. After his low-key meeting in New York with Nawaz Sharif on Sunday, there is no avoiding the conclusion that Manmohan Singh will end his prime ministerial tenure without advancing his vision to transform India’s