The Politics of Ecosensitivity

Download PDF version Kerala has squandered the chance to be a role model for conserving biodiversity. Politics usually trumps environmental concerns in India. This has been the state of play for decades whether we speak of conserving forests, rivers or other ecologically important resources. The latest victim in this game

Where Credit Is Due

Download PDF version Acknowledging Babasaheb Ambedkar as a national leader would be the best memorial. No observer of the Indian political scene will be able to deny the power of symbolism or dare ask “what’s in a name?”. The entire gamut of agitations, protest campaigns and victory processions vis-à-vis the

Lifting the Siege on Iran

Download PDF version The deal over Iran’s nuclear programme may well indicate a historic shift in the power balance in west Asia. That such an agreement was reached despite the opposition from Israel and Saudi Arabia is signifi cant. The positive implications of making this deal permanent are many but

Illegal Mining, Impatient Mafi a and Ill-treated Administrators

Download PDF version As the construction sector grows, illegal sand and granite mining can only be expected to increase. From what can be seen until now, honest offi cers who have taken action against the sand mafi a in their respective districts in different states have either been transferred or

Between Tradition and Modernity Nizams, Colonialism and Modernity in Hyderabad State

Download PDF version The British colonial state in India ensured that the princely states were picturised as backward enclaves that kept alive an older feudal polity characterised by autocracy and underdevelopment, while British India moved towards modernity and capitalist development. However, the reality was that while the princes appeared superficially

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 30-11-2013

Retail inflation for factory workers rises to 11.06 % Retail inflation for industrial workers rose to 11.06 per cent in October compared to 10.7 per cent in the previous month mainly on account of rise in price of food items and higher electricity charges. “The year-on- year inflation measured by