Science-Tech TheHindu June-July-Aug

This compilation runs in total three parts: Medical / Healthcare related (given in present article) Agriculture,Environment & Biodiversity (EnB), Natural disasters, clean energy related Space, IT, Electronics, Nano-tech, allied topics of physics/chemistry. Although CSAT-2013 prelims paper didn’t contain much current affairs, but Hindu Science tech continues to remain important because

Sci-Tech Annual Report summary

Sci-tech for Socio-Economic Development DST supports following programs: SEED SCIENCE FOR EQUITY, EMPOWERMENT & DEVELOPMENT (SEED) SSP Science and Society Programme (SSP). promoting S&T for addressing needs of society TARA Technological Advancement for Rural areas (TARA) Spreading S&T via grassroots arrangements to benefit the society at large. STED Science &

Sources of the Indian Constitution

Indian constitution is a beautiful patch work which envisages encompassing suitable governance principles from various sources. The founding fathers of the constitution tried to accommodate the best possible and time tested features of each constitution to the requirement of the country. The following are the sources of Indian Constitution: Government

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 8-11-2013

Geneva talks could be inching towards a breakthrough Iran, six global powers focus on framework of confidence building measures Iran and the six global powers have commenced crucial talks that are likely to focus on a framework of confidence building measures that could culminate in erasing western fears of military