Himachal researcher picks holes in Newton’s laws

[ie] A Himachal Pradesh researcher, in his book published by Cambridge International Science Publishing, has picked holes in Newton’s laws. The 340-page book ‘Beyond Newton and Archimedes’, written by Ajay Sharma, assistant director (education) with the state government, says Newton did not discover the second law of motion (F=ma). The

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 10-11-2013

Nitaqat fallout triggers rioting in Riyadh Saudi authorities and migrant workers, mostly from east Africa, have clashed on Saturday in a southern district of Riyadh — the violence being attributed to the enforcement of the government’s Nitaqat policy geared towards expanding employment opportunities for Saudi nationals. The Saudi daily Arab News is

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor: people oppose Manesar-Bawal segment of project at public hearing

[dte] Deputy Commissioner of Rewari district orders probe after people object to high pollution from existing Daruhera industrial estate, which is proposed to be expanded into Manesar-Bawal investment zone The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, an Indo-Japanese mega infrastructure project, is not going down too well with farmers in villages whose

Faith and Scepticism in Markets Sveriges Riksbank Prize 2013

Download PDF version The 2013 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, wrongly called the Nobel in Economics, has evoked much comment about the apparently contradictory perspectives of two of the winners, Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller. The third, and least known among the winners, Lars Hansen, has probably made the

Poisoned by Mercury

Download pdf [epw] There is no justification for India refusing to sign the Minamata Convention. Why does the Government of India drag its feet when it comes to international environmental agreements? Decidedly, not all are in the country’s interests, or at least that is the official perception. But surely something