Warsaw climate talks: Farm emissions kept out of COP 19

G77+China successfully counter move by EU to add agriculture as a source of emissions for purpose of accounting Developing countries fought for two days, and finally succeeded in keeping agriculture out of CO2 mitigation discussions on the third day of the ongoing climate talks in Warsaw. On November 11, much

Indian Forest Service Mains Result 2013

Click Here INDIAN FOREST SERVICE EXAMINATION 2013 ____________________________________________ GOVERNMENT OF INDIA UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRESS NOTE On the basis of the written results of the Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2013 held by the Union Public Service Commission in October, 2013, the candidates with the under mentioned Roll Numbers

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 14-11-2013

Article 371(D) under focus Apart from addressing the status of Hyderabad, there is another major issue – Article 371(D) – that needs to be resolved if the Centre is determined to proceed with the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. With various theories and arguments for and against the validity of 371(D)

Spread of GM plants out of control in many countries, says report

[dte] German-based non-profit says transgenes from species such as bentgrass, oilseed rape and cotton have already escaped permanently into the environment or wild populations Genetically modified (GM) maize, rice, cotton, oilseed rape, bentgrass and poplar trees are spreading uncontrollably in countries such as the US, Canada, middle America, Japan, China,