Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 22-11-2013

KPCC rejects parts of Western Ghats report Forms five-member panel to frame policy perspectives The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has rejected the K. Kasturirangan committee’s key recommendations that directly affect farmers. It has set up a five-member panel to help formulate its policy perspectives on the implementation of the

Why Question the Pace of Growth in Gujarat?

Download PDF version To question Gujarat’s recent growth record on the ground that it has been based on the petroleum refinery industry, which in the state is import-dependent, capital-intensive, coast-based and export-oriented, is conceptually and factually wrong. A comment and a response to “Have Gujarat and Bihar Outperformed the Rest

Cyclone Helen hits Andhra coast

Makes landfall close to Machillipatnam; people evacuated from vulnerable areas; 130 relief camps opened in Krishna district The tropical severe cyclone, Helen, made a landfall on the Andhra Pradesh coast close Machillipatnam around 1.30 pm today. According to the preliminary report, 10 persons have lost lives in cyclone-related incidents. They

In-Kind Food Transfers – II Impact on Nutrition and Implications for Food Security and Its Costs

Download PDF version Part-II reports the impact of in-kind food transfers on nutritional intake as measured by calories. Econometric analysis using a simple calorie demand function confirms the significance of variables relating to public distribution system access, controlling for other covariates, in its contribution to calorie intake. Results also suggest