The WTO’s Bali Ministerial and Food Security Need for Equity and Justice in the Rules on Agricultural Subsidies

Download PDF version The following is a report that has drawn upon discussions in two Expert Group Meetings on the Multilateral Trading System organised by the South Centre. This is one section of a larger integrated report on issues that are of concern to developing countries in the preparation of

SC advises states to make milk adulteration a crime punishable with life imprisonment

Food Safety and Standards Act prescribes maximum six months in prison for the offence The Supreme Court has advised states to amend their laws to make production and marketing of adulterated milk an offence punishable with life imprisonment. At present, the offenders are punished for a maximum six months under

Conceptualising Indian Diaspora Diversities within a Common Identity

Download PDF version This article attempts to provide a framework for understanding the Indian diaspora, which encompasses a diverse set of people living outside India. This diversity is not only a representation of the plurality of Indian society and heterogeneity in the phases and patterns of migration, but also emerges

Geography Mains Booklist, Study plan, Answer-writing Tips and Maps Preparation for UPSC by Mr.Abhiram AIR 4/CSE 2010

For Free Geography Material Click Here   I received some emails & requests from fellow IO members asking me about the strategy I followed for geography. This short article is in response to those requests. I hope this will be of at least some value to future aspirants. Before that I’ll

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 6-12-2013

Persisting challenges On the face of it, the improvement in the balance of payments data during the second quarter of this year compared to earlier reporting periods looks nothing less than spectacular. According to the RBI, India’s current account deficit (CAD) narrowed sharply to $5.2 billion (1.2 per cent of

In AIRs “Spotlight/ News Analysis” programme listen to a dialogue on “Role of NGOs in nation building”

In AIRs “Spotlight/ News Analysis” programme you can listen to a dialogue on “Role of NGOs in nation building” by clicking on the link mentioned below : (English) (Hindi)-“Raashtra Nirman mein Gair Sarkari Sangatanon Ki Bhoomika. “ The participants are : Annie Raja, National Federation of Indian Women,