Sociology Mains Paper 1 & 2 for UPSC IAS Exam Recommend Booklist By UPSC Toppers

Download Sociology Material Download IGNOU Sociology Material   Sociology Paper – 1 Here is how I approached Sociology paper-1. I began with the old edition of Haralambos. It is a fantastic book for understanding the subject and its scope. I did not read the book from cover to cover and

Sociology – Question Paper UPSC Civil Services Mains 2013 Paper- 1

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India-Israel Ties Complicated by Iran Opening, Shifting Defense Priorities

The differing reactions in Israel and India to the recent six-power agreement with Iran highlight the only point of strategic divergence between the two long-time partners: the nature of engagement with a potentially nuclearizing Iran. While Israel has condemned the preliminary agreement and the potentially broader international rapprochement with Iran

China Reform 2.0

Download PDF version If one were to go by Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) general secretary and China’s president, the Third Plenum (plenary meeting) of the 18th Central Committee (CC) of the CCP, held in Beijing from 9 to 12 November 2013, is going to prove as much

Illusions and Disillusionment

Download PDF version What began as a silent whisper after the 2002 atrocities in Gujarat has reached a crescendo over the past six months: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as a serious contender for the post of the prime minister of India. The powerful (and dubious) media management strategies of