The Necessary Conditions for Democracy B R Ambedkar on Nationalism, Minorities and Pakistan

Download PDF version B R Ambedkar’s significance and continuing legacy has been examined largely within the context of dalit emancipation. Yet, his central philosophical concern was how to bring about democracy in a society so riven by caste hierarchy and communal division. His detailed consideration of the case for Pakistan

Relevant News / Current Affair for UPSC CIvil Service Exam 8 & 9-12-2013

Nationalism and free press Some defining moments happened last week. We lost Nelson Mandela. We heard The Guardianeditor defending his paper in exposing the overreach of spying agencies before the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee. We witnessed Japan passing a draconian state secrecy law. Both as a journalist and as

History of Modern India and Culture Previous Year Civil Service Mains Question With Answer

History of Modern India and Culture Previous Year Civil Service  Mains Question With Answer Note: These answers may not get you the best marks but will certainly help you in structuring the answer writing technique Download or Download or Download For History Study Material Free Click Here For History Book