Making criminals of us all

The 377 judgment is not about gay sex alone. It bans ‘unnatural’ sexual acts, irrespective of gender, age or consent. The judgment in Suresh Kumar Kaushal vs Naz Foundation (Kaushal) does not only criminalise “gay sex”, as has been widely reported. Undeniably, the judgment ignores the constitutional rights of millions

Jharkhand chief minister restores power of panchayats over sand mining

Decision follows meeting with coalition partners who threatened to withdraw support Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren on Thursday announced that the right of panchayats to allow sand mining would be restored after the coalition partner of the government, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), threatened to withdraw support. Soren took the decision

Human Rights, Honour Killings and the Indian Law Scope for a ‘Right to Have Rights’

Download PDF version This article argues that in the absence of normative criteria that can identify a set of universal human rights, the “right to have constitutional rights” can take on the onus of being that universal human right. In the case of honour killings, the right to have and,

Topicwise booklist and study-plan for CSAT 2014 General studies Paper 1

General Studies (GS) Manual GS Manual a very thick book containing almost every topic of General Studies (Geography History, Polity, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.) Many publication houses (TMH, Unique,Spectrum,Pearson) release their Manuals. You should buy atleast one of them. Because after each topic, they provide hundreds of mock questions, you