Tense over energy

South Asia is looking at an energy abyss. Millions of its people have no access to electricity or any other energy. This has put the brakes on the high growth rates in what should have been a dynamic region. High dependence on petroleum import coupled with mismanagement of their energy

Are Indian NBFCs Shadow Banks? Do They Pose Systemic Risks?

Download PDF version T Sabri Öncü ( is an economist currently based in Mumbai. An ongoing debate in India is whether or not Indian non-banking fi nancial companies (NBFCs) are “shadow banks”. This question appears important because we have learned from the ongoing global fi nancial crisis that shadow banking

Relevant News / Current Affair (TheHindu) for UPSC (2014) CIvil Service Exam 16-12-2013

The real winners at Bali At the ninth ministerial meeting at Bali in Indonesia, trade Ministers, representing the 159 members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), managed to reach an agreement in the wee hours of December 6. The fact that an agreement was possible at all is seen to