Made-in-India diagnostic kit for thalassemia and sickle cell disease launched

Kit developed keeping in mind gene mutations specific to ethnic groups in India, says National Institute of Immunohaematology The government on Tuesday launched a diagnostic-kit to detect genetic disorders thalassemia and sickle cell disease in unborn children. The kit has been developed by the National Institute of Immunohaematology in Mumbai,

Right to Equality (Article 14-18)

The constitution classifies the Fundamental Rights into following six categories:- (1) Right to Equality (Article 14-18) (2) Right to Freedom (Article 19-22) (3) Right against Exploitation (Article 23-24) (4) Right to Freedom of Religion (Article 25-28) (5) Cultural and Educational Rights (Article 29 and 30) (6) Right to constitutional Remedies (Article 32)

Response in Disaster Management

What Is Response? The response function of emergency management includes actions aimed at limiting injuries, loss of life, and damage to property and the environment that are taken before, during, and immediately after a hazard event. Response processes begin as soon as it becomes apparent that a hazard event is imminent and

Onion and fiscal tears

By Jojo Mathews The parity in the prices of onion, beer and petrol (Rs 75), couple of weeks back became a source of charade on social media. Many of my friends, colleagues and students shared and “liked” this message and helped it to become viral on social media, thus they

Relevant News / Current Affair (TheHindu) for UPSC (2014) CIvil Service Exam 19-12-2013

Historic Lokpal Bill passed   A historic law to fight corruption, say Manmohan, Sonia The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the historic Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2013, paving the way for establishment of an ombudsman to fight corruption in public offices and ensure accountability on the part of public officials,