‘Quotas for education helped SCs, but boys alone reaped the benefit’

Empirical impact of reservations is yet an un-studied phenomenon The first evaluation of the impact of reservations on educational attainment has shown that quotas in educational institutions did indeed improve the education indicators of the Scheduled Castes (SCs), but nearly all of the improvement was among boys only. The SC

A Comparison of the Legal Rights of Gender Non-Conforming Persons in South Asia

Download PDF version By according legal recognition to transgenders, hijras and other gender non-normative persons, the countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal have taken a crucial step to empower these persons and enable them to live a life with dignity and without discrimination. Whether India joins this group of nations

Back to Square One ,The Supreme Court’s order on Section 377 upholds the State as keeper of “public morality”.

Download PDF version India’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and other sexual minorities had clearly expected the Supreme Court to uphold the judgment in 2009 of the Delhi High Court decriminalising homosexuality. They were encouraged to do so in the intervening four years by the willingness of public

Protecting women at workplaces

Sexual harassment cases usually have a marked power imbalance between the victim and the accused; this may well affect the negotiation scenario, with the victim being unable to hold her own In recent times, the issue of sexual harassment of women at the workplace has assumed prominence with serious allegations