Harnessing plant, animal and human waste as effective inputs

Mr. Nagesh in his vermicompost unit. Photo: Special Arrangement The waste generated in a village, if properly utilised, can help a farmer save some money by not having to buy fertilizers and generate income. “The main concept is to integrate the animal, plant and human wastes into useful components for

One solution for two problems in fuel cells

Today, two innovations lead the roster of answers in the search for pollution-free sources of energy. The first, electric batteries, are already marketable but also plagued by concerns over high recharge-time and suboptimal performance in cold climes. Hydrogen fuel cells (HFCs), the other solution, face a different problem. Asian car-makers

Malarial drug resistance marker identified

Scientists have uncovered mutations of a gene that make the most dangerous malarial parasite resistant to front line drug therapy. More than half a million children die each year from malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum. Drugs with artemisinin have led the fight against this single-celled parasite’s depredations and contributed to

Thailand in Another Round of Turmoil

Download PDF version The proximate cause for the latest wave of protests which has swept through Bangkok since October was the ruling party’s attempt to ram through legislative changes that would have benefi ted the former prime minister and deeply polarising fi gure of Thaksin Shinawatra. However, the demonstrations refl