Thailand in Another Round of Turmoil

Download PDF version The proximate cause for the latest wave of protests which has swept through Bangkok since October was the ruling party’s attempt to ram through legislative changes that would have benefi ted the former prime minister and deeply polarising fi gure of Thaksin Shinawatra. However, the demonstrations refl

Draft policy on rooftop solar power generation favours Delhi’s private discoms, say experts

Delhi’s power regulator has called for public feedback on a policy that will allow consumers to use solar panels to generate electricity at their homes and also sell excess power if any. The draft proposal on net metering, posted on the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (DERC) website, is open for

A greenhouse gas 7,100 times more harmful than CO2 discovered

It is a manmade chemical used in electronic equipment industry Scientists from University of Toronto claim to have discovered a greenhouse gas that is 7,100 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2). “Perfluorotributylamine or PFTBA stays in the atmosphere for a very long time and has a very high radiative

Testing cervical cancer made easy

New device called AV Magnivisualizer will assist initial screening; can operate on battery in remote areas The device, named AV Magnivisualizer, will cost Rs. 10,000 and is equipped to work on a 12-volt portable rechargeable battery, requiring no electricity, making it suitable for nearly any remote setting. (Photo: ICMR) The

‘Treat severe malnutrition at home’

THE World Health Organization (WHO) formulated new guidelines on November 27 to treat children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). These guidelines are to be used as an interim measure till the results of an inter-governmental study on malnutrition are out. The proposals, which see a shift from hospitalisation to home-based

Environmental fallout of cooperation

Whether energy cooperation will benefit the environment or create problems in South Asia depends largely on whether hydropower is considered clean or damaging Reports released by SAARC Energy Centre say that the South Asian grid can help minimise pollution from the power sector. It bases its arguments on the fact

National Policy for Children 2013 High on Promises, Low on Budget

Download PDF version India is home to the largest number of children, 43 crore, in the world. Their care situation is in a shambles. Although, the new National Policy for Children reaffirms that they are “national assets”, the budgetary outlays are not sufficient to take care of their health, education,

Women at the Crossroads Implementation of Employment Guarantee Scheme in Rural Tamil Nadu

Download PDF version While the transformation of rural gender inequalities was not an intended goal of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, this study draws on evidence from two villages in western Tamil Nadu to show how the scheme has benefited rural women in particular. Major attractions of

Direct Cash Transfer System for Fertilisers Why It Might be Hard to Implement

Download PDF version The challenges in implementing a direct cash transfer system for fertilisers are daunting. This paper points out that they range from the very large number of beneficiaries to volatile fertiliser prices, necessitating market price indexation of cash transfers and controlling the market power of dealers, especially in