Publicly Talking about Caste A Report on Jātisamvāda in Prajavāni

Download PDF version An unsual sociological experiment was conducted during the first half of 2013 in the Kannada daily Prajavāni to explore how we can collectively think about caste and through this ask whether it was possible for the public to challenge stablished beliefs about concepts such as caste, democracy

Historical Validity of Mullaperiyar Project

Download PDF version This historical analysis of the Periyar project questions the arguments and some of the contemporary claims made about the project’s engineering and construction, and its environmental impact. Far from being an environmentally destructive project, this was a “pacifist” scheme when it was built. The article throws light

Maoist Defeat in Nepal The Price of a Missed Opportunity

Download PDF version Organisational issues, adjustment with the status quo and tactical errors resulted in the Nepali Maoists gaining an unfavourable image among the electorate in the second Constituent Assembly elections. This resulted in a humiliating defeat. If the Maoists reorient themselves to mass struggle and develop ideological clarity, they

India wins the war on polio

Download PDF version India wins the war on polio; now it needs to be extra vigilant. After successfully eradicating smallpox in 1980, India has now gone three straight years without reporting any new case of poliomyelitis infection (“polio”). This qualifies it to receive the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) certification for

Rescue Package for Power Discoms

Download PDF version A mismanaged energy sector is at the heart of India’s fi scal woes. The 2012 package for financial restructuring of power sector losses exemplifi es such mismanagement and merely recycles a 2002 package that did not solve any problem. Surya P Sethi ( is former principal advisor,

Tribal affairs ministry attempts to give forest dwellers their due welfare benefits, through a compromise

Tribal affairs ministy attempts to give forest dwellers their due welfare benefits, through a compromise Photographs: Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava For long they have lived the life of the forsaken in villages tucked away in forests. So in November last year when the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) introduced guidelines

Mission possible

The Centre gives India just about eight years to free its villages of open defecation. This seems unlikely. But the states of Sikkim, Haryana and Jharkhand in India, and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have shown the way. Their models stress on behavioural change and disapprove of government subsidy to install