All India Radio News , A discussion on “Indo-Pak trade standoff on LoC

All India Radio News ‪#‎Listen‬ to : • ‪#Samayiki‬-A discussion on ” Bharat-Pakistan ke Beech Niyantran Rekha par Vyaparik Gatirodh” on • ‪#‎Spotlight‬/‪#‎NewsAnalysis‬-A discussion on “Indo-Pak trade standoff on LoC” on The participants were : Veena Sikri, Former Diplomat, Mahendra Ved, Senior Journalist. • In the weekly programme

Response in Disaster Management

What Is Response? The response function of emergency management includes actions aimed at limiting injuries, loss of life, and damage to property and the environment that are taken before, during, and immediately after a hazard event. Response processes begin as soon as it becomes apparent that a hazard event is imminent and

Protecting women at workplaces

Sexual harassment cases usually have a marked power imbalance between the victim and the accused; this may well affect the negotiation scenario, with the victim being unable to hold her own In recent times, the issue of sexual harassment of women at the workplace has assumed prominence with serious allegations

The energy report – India: 100% renewable energy by 2050

A sustainable, renewable-energy-based economy, where as much as 90 per cent of India’s total primary energy supply is based on renewable sources, could theoretically be achieved, according to a report released by WWF-India and TERI, at WWF-India, New Delhi. The study examines the possibility of a near 100% Renewable Energy