Climate change performance index 2014

The Climate Change Performance Index is an instrument supposed to enhance transparency in international climate politics. Its aim is to encourage political and social pressure on those countries which have, up to now, failed to take ambitious actions on climate protection as well as to highlight countries with best-practice climate

India’s SO2 emissions up by 71 per cent in 5 years, shows US study

‘CPCB underestimating pollution from coal-fired thermal power plants’ Data released by NASA’s Aura satellite calls into question the veracity of Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) claim made in 2012 that the mean sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions in India decreased in 2010 as compared to 2001 level. A new study led

Freedom Struggle Indian History Mains-2013 Questions and Model Answer

Q. Dalhousie the founder of Modern India Q. In many ways, Lord Dalhousie was the founder of modern India. Elaborate. (10m | 200 words) Can be solved using any one of these: (TNT) Tamilnadu Textbook History Class 12, Chapter 6. Spectrum: A brief history of Modern India, Rajiv Ahir. In

Mrunal GS1 Culture: Analysis of Mains-2013 Questions

The syllabus is new, pattern is new, BackbreakingTM techniques are new: hence any analysis is hollow and shallow, without solving the questions first. So, Let’s start with the… Culture Questions in GSM-I-2013 Following questions were asked: marks words Though not very useful from the point of view of a connected

Stanford Professor A.J. Paulraj Wins the 2014 Marconi Prize

Professor (Emeritus) Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, Stanford University, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Marconi Society Prize. His idea for using multiple antennas at both the transmitting and receiving stations – which is at the heart of the current high speed WiFi and 4G mobile systems – has revolutionized high speed