With a chance to score heavily, the Civil Services Aptitude Test has become vital for cracking the UPSC. With the change in the syllabus of the UPSC preliminary examination two years back, students who wish to clear this prestigious examination are now required to take two papers on General Studies.

All India Radio News , Discussion on the same topic Easier mobile banking

The News Services Division of All India Radio in its “Samayiki” programme brings you a discussion on ” Mobile banking ko saral banane ka upaay.” Click here to listen the programme in Hindi :- In “Spotlight/ News Analysis” discussion on the same topic “Easier mobile banking.” Click here to

World Cancer Day

The history of World Cancer Day dates back to 1933 when Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) first observed the significance of this day at Geneva, Switzerland. It was an initiative of UICC to unite the entire world in order to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equity,

A turtle’s tryst with waste

The Hindu The Green Sea Turtle that was rescued at Valiathura after being caught in plastic waste. Marine debris on the city’s shoreline, comprising mostly plastic waste from the city’s homes, appears to be turning the depths of the sea into a near death-trap for its own inhabitants. A recent

The Kishenganga Final Award Is the Indus Waters Treaty at the Crossroads?

Download PDF version The Court of Arbitration constituted under the Indus Waters Treaty has in its Final Award held that India does have a right to execute the Kishenganga Hydroelectric Project. But it has simultaneously decreed that India should maintain a minimum flow downstream, and more important, it should not

The Road to English Slow Migration of the Economically Weak Child to Elite India

Download PDF version Students of English from the economically weaker sections in private schools in Delhi now go through an extended phase of muteness and incomprehensibility before they finally pick up the language, almost by osmosis. The US education system, which promotes bilingualism as opposed to diglossia here, has some