All India Radio News A discussion on “Setting up of equal Opportunities Commission

All India Radio News ‪#‎Listen‬ to: • ‪#‎Samayiki‬ -A discussion on “Samaan Avsar Ayog Ki Sthaapna” on • ‪#‎Spotlight‬/‪#‎NewsAnalysis‬ -A discussion on “Setting up of equal Opportunities Commission.” on The participants for both programmes were: Prof. Rizwan Qaiser, Jamia Milia Islamia and Mohan Sahay, Senior Journalist. • ‪#‎CurrentAffairs‬

NewsServicesDivision of AIR a discussion on “Welfare measures for street vendors.”

NewsServicesDivision of AIR in its “Samayiki” programme brings to you a discussion on “Rehadi Patri Bikretaon Ke Liye Kalyankari Upaay”. Link: In “#Spotlight/ News Analysis” programme we bring to you a discussion on “Welfare measures for street vendors.” Link: The participants are : Brij Kumar Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of

All India Radio News Listen‬ to ‪‎IndiaGlobal‬ Episode on ‪India‬ and The Republic of the Union of ‪#‎Myanmar

All India Radio News ‪#‎Listen‬ to ‪#‎IndiaGlobal‬ Episode on ‪#‎India‬ and The Republic of the Union of ‪#‎Myanmar‬ at the following link Please follow and like us:

Continuity amid Change in India’s Political Economy from 1980 to 2004

Download PDF version The social coalition that benefited from India’s central government’s economic policies remained unchanged between the pre- and post-economic reforms periods. The economic policies promoted by the central government between 1980 and 2004 – irrespective of the political party heading the Cabinet – mostly benefited the middle class

Off-target on Monetary Policy

Download PDF version Disregarding international experience of recent years, the Urjit Patel Committee recommends that the Reserve Bank of India pursue a single objective of infl ation targeting. It focuses on the interest rate to control infl ation (by influencing inflation expectations), though experience has shown that in India this

Flawed Cartography? A New Road Map for Monetary Policy

Download PDF version The Urjit Patel Committee has come out in favour of the Reserve Bank of India moving towards a flexible infl ation targeting system. This approach to monetary policy is a product of the much-criticised “new consensus macroeconomics”, a school of thought that is credited with causing the

India’s Green Industrial Policy Pursuing Clean Energy for Green Growth

Download PDF version Keeping with the global trend, India seems to be executing a “Green Industrial Policy” that seeks to prioritise production and consumption of clean energy. Will it lead to green growth and sustainable development? Ashwini K Swain ( is at the CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, New

RBI Report on Financial Inclusion: A Review

Download PDF version It is debatable if the report of the Reserve Bank of India’s committee on comprehensive fi nancial services – the Nachiket Mor Committee – offers practical solutions for extending banking services to the poorer sections of society and small businesses. The committee’s recommendations are largely conceptual, and

The New Telangana State A Perspective for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Download PDF version A new social framework which is participatory and accountable to stakeholders is a prerequisite for inclusive and sustainable development of the new state of Telangana which is to be created soon. The socio-economic challenges are in providing land security to the tribals, expanding surface irrigation, creating power-generating