Financial Inclusion : Meaning, Problems & Measures

Financial Inclusion: Meaning and Barriers Definition: Financial inclusion is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to the vast sections of disadvantaged and low income group Advantages of Financial Inclusion: Turns savings into investment Financial Security of family Income inequality falls Boosts GDP. Investment in Agri and allied activities

GSLV Mark III ready for mission

The core second stage of GSLV-Mk III, with 110 tonnes of liquid propellants, just before it was flagged off on Friday from the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu. Photo: LSPC, ISRO A forerunner to the Human Space Flight programme India took the first step on Friday towards

Economic growth has done little to reduce child under-nutrition

Data taken from 121 health surveys and 36 countries has been analysed Economic growth has little or no effect on the nutritional status of the world’s poorest children, finds a study jointly conducted by various organisations. The study was based on child growth patterns in 36 developing countries and has

A disturbing G7 decision

The March 24 decision by seven major industrial countries (the G7) to suspend Russia from the informal grouping called the G8 is not surprising in view of Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian province of Crimea. Specifically, the G7 announced in what it called the Hague Declaration — made on the

Gandhi-Ambedkar Interface …when shall the twain meet?

Download PDF version Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses are not antithetical. Both are concerned with the issue of emancipation. At present when the legitimacy of the emancipatory discourse is being challenged and the dominant discourse upholds capitalism, it is all the more essential to broaden the scope of Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses.    Suhas Palshikar

Muzaffarnagar Riots Perils of a Patronage Democracy

Download PDF version Clientelistic politics is fuelling the current upsurge of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh. When the channels that provide access to state resources are organised around social divisions, the potential power-shifts that elections bring about provide ample motivation for political elites as well as common voters to mobilise.