All India Radio News Topic: “Unseasonal rain and its impact.”

Listen to the highlights of today’s #Samyiki and #Spotlight programme by clicking on the following links: Topic: “Bey mausam barsaat aur uska kheti par prabhav.” Samyiki Programme Link: Topic: “Unseasonal rain and its impact.” #Spotlight Programme Link: Participants are : J.S. Samra, Chairman, National Rainfed Authority of India, and

TERI unveils cloud-based open source web GID tool

The first ever such tool, developed by The Energy and Resources Institute, will help in estimating rooftop solar power potential of Indian solar cities. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has unveiled the first-ever cloud based open-source Web-GIS Tool for estimating rooftop solar power potential of Indian solar cities. The

The Gujarat Model of Development; What would it do to the Indian Economy?

Narendra Modi’s famed model of economic growth will only exacerbate the disasters wrought by the neoliberal economics of UPA. Far from championing him, industries and the middle class should take note of how his policies will eventually harm their own economic interests in the long run. (Rohini Hensman  is a

The Legality of Plain Packaging under International Law

Download PDF version Plain packaging is recommended by the guidelines of the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and has been successfully implemented in Australia since 2012. Research anticipates its effectiveness in the Indian context as well. Although strongly opposed by the tobacco industry, plain packaging measures are