Gandhi-Ambedkar Interface …when shall the twain meet?

Download PDF version Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses are not antithetical. Both are concerned with the issue of emancipation. At present when the legitimacy of the emancipatory discourse is being challenged and the dominant discourse upholds capitalism, it is all the more essential to broaden the scope of Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses.    Suhas Palshikar

Muzaffarnagar Riots Perils of a Patronage Democracy

Download PDF version Clientelistic politics is fuelling the current upsurge of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh. When the channels that provide access to state resources are organised around social divisions, the potential power-shifts that elections bring about provide ample motivation for political elites as well as common voters to mobilise.

The Making of Bangladesh

Download PDF version 1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh by Srinath Raghavan (New Delhi: Permanent Black), 2013; pp 358, Rs 795 Kanti Bajpai ( teaches at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. Srinath Raghavan has followed up his meticulously researched and finely written account

All India Radio News Effect of social media on election campaign

Listen to “Public Speak” discussion on “Effect of social media on election campaign”. The participants are : Akshay Rout, Director General, Election Commission, Gulshan Rai, Scientist “G”, Ministry of Communications and IT and Chandrika Joshi, AIR Correspondent (Moderator). Please follow and like us: