The Making of Bangladesh

Download PDF version 1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh by Srinath Raghavan (New Delhi: Permanent Black), 2013; pp 358, Rs 795 Kanti Bajpai ( teaches at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. Srinath Raghavan has followed up his meticulously researched and finely written account

All India Radio News Effect of social media on election campaign

Listen to “Public Speak” discussion on “Effect of social media on election campaign”. The participants are : Akshay Rout, Director General, Election Commission, Gulshan Rai, Scientist “G”, Ministry of Communications and IT and Chandrika Joshi, AIR Correspondent (Moderator). Please follow and like us:

Friction over drug patents

Differences over intellectual property rights (IPRs) have emerged as a strong undercurrent in India’s economic relations with the U.S. The attempt by the influential pharmaceutical lobby to stymie India’s efforts to ensure the supply of medicines at affordable rates without violating existing treaty commitments, requires a principled response from New

All India Radio Spotlight Topic: “People’s participation in water conservation.”

Listen to the highlights of Samayiiki and Spotlight Programme by clicking on the following links: Samayiki Topic: “Jal Sanrakshan mein Lokon ki bhagidaari” Link: Spotlight Topic: “People’s participation in water conservation.” Link: Please follow and like us:

No winners in a war of sanctions

It would be a nightmarish scenario for the United States, if western sanctions push Russia closer to China Beneath their tough political rhetoric, European leaders are still wrestling uneasily over the ambit of punitive economic measures to be used against Russia for its role in the Ukrainian and Crimean developments.

Complete information of mauryan period

MAURYAN AGE Introduction During the fourth century B.C. one of the most illustrious and the most extensive empires was formed in India. The Nandas had definitely raised Magadha to the status of political pre-eminence in India and its boundaries were certainly extensive. The Mauryas established a vast empire in India

Public Private Partnership

Introduction According to the United Kingdom Commission on Public Private Partnerships, ‘A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a risk-sharing relationship between the public and private sectors based upon a shared aspiration to bring about a desired public policy outcome’. In the case of infrastructure, PPP generally refers to the Concession