Major Events in Revolt of 1857

Summarized View of Major Events in the Revolt of 1857 Date Major Events 22 Jan, 1857  New cartridges cause concern amongst sepoys at Dum Dum Jan- Mar, 1857  Greased cartridges cause unrest. Berhampore and Barrackpore see outbreaks. Chapaties and lotus passed from village to village as a symbollic message. 11

Timeline of Indian Freedom Struggle

Year Indian Freedom Struggle: Important Events 1857 Mutiny against the British 1885 Indian National Congress is founded by A.O. Hume 1905 Partition of Bengal announced 1906 Muslim League was founded at Decca on 31st December. 1908 Khudiram Bose was executed on 30th April. 1908 Tilak was sentenced to six years

Timeline in Ancient Indian History – 400B.C. to 450A.D.

Year Event c.400 BC Gautama ‘Buddha’ founds Buddhism 333 BC  Persian rule in the northwest ends after Darius III is defeated by Alexander the Great. Alexander had established the Macedonian Empire after inheriting the Persian Achaemenid Empire. 326 BC  Ambhi, king of Taxila surrenders to Alexander. Porus who ruled parts of the Punjab, fought Alexander at the Battle of the Hydaspes River.