Corruption taint mattered little

People vote in politicians accused in illegal mining activities in Karnataka, Odisha Photo: Chandra BhushanPolitical commentators had predicted the mandate for this year’s Lok Sabha elections is clean and corruption-free governance. The prediction has not come true—at least in the mining states of Odisha and Karnataka. The people of the

The rupee’s climb

The slow climb (INR/USD Reference Rate) Measured against the dollar, the rupee has been gaining ground, valued at 59.5 to the dollar (as per RBI’s reference rate) on May 15, as compared with 60.2 at the beginning of the month and 62.7 at the end of the January. This appreciation,

WHO estimate on air pollution shows Indian cities are death traps

Analysis of database indicates that all 124 Indian cities assessed exceed the WHO guideline for particulate matter levels; Delhi, Patna exceed safe level prescribed by WHO by 15 times Photo by Amit Shankar The latest urban air quality database released by WHO reconfirms what we already know—that most Indian cities are becoming