A Requiem for moral coherence

Beyond underlining the synthetic unity of Kashmir with India and his calling attention to the ‘suffering of sections of J&K society,’ can Narendra Modi achieve something significant and long lasting in Kashmir? If Narendra Modi supporters are to be believed, all the Hindus in India became one during this election

Understanding Article 370

Article 370 was and is about providing space, in matters of governance, to the people of a State who felt deeply vulnerable about their identity and insecure about the future. At the Bharatiya Janata Party’s recent Lalkar rally in Jammu, its prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, called for a debate

5.5 million invisible baby deaths a year

With 7,79,000 deaths, India has the highest newborn mortality in the world Globally, about 5.5 million babies — nearly three million neonates and about 2.6 million stillbirths — die every year. In other words, every day, about 8,000 neonates are dying and the number of stillbirths is about 7,000. Stillbirths