Arihant propels India to elite club

Earlier this year, India’s first indigenously built nuclear submarine quietly pushed out of its base for sea trials, its 6,000-tonne, 111-metre bulk powered by an 83-megawatt uranium reactor. The submarine is capable of lurking effectively undetectable at depth almost indefinitely, as long as there is food for its 110-man crew.

A Godzilla among planets

A ‘Godzilla’ planet that is 17 times the size of our earth has been discovered, leaving the scientific fraternity in shock as anything so hefty would grab hydrogen gas as it grew and become a Jupiter-like gas giant. This planet, though, is all solid and much bigger than previously discovered

Obama’s emissions plan could boost climate talks

President Barack Obama’s move to limit U.S. carbon emissions may prompt an important shift by China in its climate policies, where officials are increasingly worried about the costs of pollution anyway, according to a Chinese expert and activists closely following the international negotiations. The initiative may be a crucial move

Au revoir, Afghanistan

Leaving aside the political ramifications of the deal within the U.S., the prisoner swap blows dark clouds over the Afghanistan-Pakistan-India region It had all the trappings of a soon-to-be-iconic photograph — a tall American Commander-in-Chief dressed in a smart black suit, his arms reassuringly around the shoulders of the mother