Learn how plants reproduce

The HinduFlowering plants require not one but two sperm cells for successful fertilisation. File photo: M. SathyamoorthyHybrid plants that produce high yields of grains, fruits and cash crops are of great value. Plants give us life, but how do they reproduce has long been a mystery. Now, biologists from the

Gravitational waves: a big bungle?

An announcement made earlier this year prior to publication, which was purported to be the cosmology world’s finding of the year, may well prove to be flawed, as viewed by two independent analyses. This was the discovery of gravitational waves by a Harvard University group led by John Kovac, seen

STAP cells: Haruko Obokata agrees to retract controversial papers

The sordid tale of Haruko Obokata, a 30-year-old Japanese stem cell researcher at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, is fast coming to an end. Dr. Obokata shot to international prominence and became an overnight celebrity in Japan after the publication of her two “landmark” papers in Nature on January