Hostage to Questionable Priors (epw)

Download PDF version The RBI’s Nayak panel goes beyond its mandate to recommend a dismantling of government stakes in banks. In some sense the recently released report of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Committee to review governance of boards of banks in India, chaired by P J Nayak, completes

Eyeing Pakistan and China, Modi bolsters security team (reuters)

(Reuters) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chosen a daring former spy with years of experience in dealing with Pakistan as his national security adviser, a move officials say signals a more muscular approach to New Delhi’s traditional enemy. The choice of Ajit Doval, alongside former army chief General V.K.

Experts demand a body like IPCC to tackle antibiotic resistance

IMPERATIVE: International response to this threat has been feeble. Photo: CH. Vijaya Bhaskar Growing resistance among pathogens to antibiotics and other drugs demands a coordinated global response on the same scale as efforts to address climate change, experts say. Without an international commitment to tackle the issue, the world faces