Smart cities: the way forward?

The urban future depends on making cities intelligent, and that applies equally to both new and old parts of the city Smart cities, the flagship project of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s urban vision, have received a firm financial allocation in the Union budget. The government has provided Rs.7,060 crore to

Wars without winners

Contrary to the view that extremism thrives when America is absent, empirical facts indicate that the opposite is truer. And each of the countries at the centre of global concerns over extremism is in fact one that has seen direct or indirect western intervention, not western absence In her autobiographical

Hind Swaraj vs Hindu Rashtra

Hindutva is a historic and possibly doomed attempt to change everything about Hinduism that makes it what it is — its ability to accommodate mind-boggling diversity, its avoidance of strict definitions and boundaries, its amorphous, heterogeneous, tolerant and fluid character The 2014 national election, resulting in a decisive victory for

Continuing with the spoils system

In the country’s multi-party polity, the role of Governors under the Constitution has been a sensitive aspect of Centre-State relations. Given that some Governors have in the past played a partisan role during moments of political instability, and some have been accused of using Raj Bhavans for political ends, the

60 villages come under waste management project

These Gurgaon villages will see enhanced wastewater treatment capacity Sixty villages from Gurgaon district have been short-listed for the implementation of Solid and Liquid Waste Management Project under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) for the current financial year. The project will help in segregation of solid waste and considerably enhance

Dams without responsibility

Uttarakhand has to ensure that the quest for hydropower cannot come without a responsibility to preserve a region that is limping back to life. The devastation in Uttarakhand had already happened much before the cataclysmic events of June 2013. The unprecedented rainfall and floods and loss of life drew attention

The good is in the detail

The national discourse is so superficial that it only talks of foreign direct investment, investment allowance, tax sops and the like which are just about a twentieth to a sixth of the national economy. It did not even notice paragraph 102 in the Union budget speech which is about half