Urbanization and Displacement

Urbanization and displacement are two related aspects which are very widely manifested in contemporary times. Both these concepts galvanize each other and are also consequences of each other. However apart from a mutual cause and effect relation which they enjoy with each other, they are also linked to a number

Easy Timeline for Modern India

Easy Timeline for Modern India(From Indian National Congress to Partition of India)The Indian National Congress:• Formed in 1885 by A.O.Hume, an Englishman and a retired civil servant.• First session in Bombay under W.C.Banerjee in 1885 (72 delegates attended it).• In the first two decades (1885 – 1905), quite moderate in

India stays firm on food security, blocks WTO trade deal

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) failed to clinch a trade facilitation deal within the scheduled deadline that expired on Thursday, with India refusing to relent on its demand for a concrete assurance on food security and stockpiling. Informing the WTO members in Geneva of the developments just two hours before

All you need to know about Ebola

What is Ebola? Ebola is a highly-contagious hemorrhagic virus that breaks down the epithelial cell wall of blood vessels and triggers extensive internal and external bleeding. File image by the CDC shows an ebola Virus. (AP Photo/CDC, File) How do humans catch it? From animals, through close contact with infected

CSAT WONT BE REMOVED Arvind Verma Panel says CSAT is Scientific should not be tinkered with

New Delhi: In a major jolt to protesting aspirants, the Arvind Verma committee has recommended status quo vis a vis Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Preliminary Examination, sources said on Friday. According to the committee the Civil Service Aptitude Test is a scientifically formed exam and shouldn’t be tinkered with,