Regional Parties in the 16th Lok Sabha Elections Who Survived and Why? (epw)

Download PDF version This paper attempts to explain why some regional parties flourished and others fizzled out in the 16th general elections to the Lok Sabha. To explain this variation, it makes a distinction between regionally-located parties and regionalist parties. While both are regional parties in the sense that they

Does Media Exposure Affect Voting Behaviour and Political Preferences in India?

Download PDF version Analysing the National Election Study data from 1996 to 2014, this paper examines the effect of media exposure on Indian elections to reach four main conclusions. First, in the last two decades, Indian electorates have been more exposed to the media than ever before. Second, in the

Disaster Risk Management

Most countries have demonstrated some success in responding to disasters. Does it imply that as a species we have learnt how to handle disasters, and that disaster risk management has fi nally come of age? As discussions on the formulation of the successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-15)

Foreign conquests (foreign policy )

Foreign policy is not ‘foreign’ to a country’s interests; it is central to them. Policy makers influence international environment and use it to promote the nation’s national interests. Team Modi has amply internalized this linkage. Its focus on accelerating India’s economic development drives it to run a creative external policy.