Foreign conquests (foreign policy )

Foreign policy is not ‘foreign’ to a country’s interests; it is central to them. Policy makers influence international environment and use it to promote the nation’s national interests. Team Modi has amply internalized this linkage. Its focus on accelerating India’s economic development drives it to run a creative external policy.

Internal Security Priorities for the New Government: Institutional Reforms

Since the Mumbai terrorist attacks on 26th November 2008, the complexity of internal security of challenges faced by the nation has increased. In order to deal with these challenges, a concerted, coordinated institutional approach based on the widest possible political consensus and improved Centre-State synergy is required. In addition, new

India in an expanded SCO

India’s inclusion as a full-member will lend credibility to the Shanghai Cooperation  Organisation, which until now has been dominated by China. However, until the strong  differences between member nations are resolved, it will be a while before the SCO can become a  multilateral force to be reckoned with This week

Beijing’s APEC Call on India: A New Twist in India-China Power Politics?

A New Beginning? Are India-China relations in Asia-Pacific entering a new level of engagement and power politics?China’s recent invitation to the new Indian Prime Minister, inviting India to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting in Beijing, scheduled for November 2014, suggests so. This was the first meeting between

The Political Economy of Regional Cooperation in South Asia,

The formation of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in December 1985 was hailed as a major diplomatic breakthrough in South Asia. But SAARC’s slow progress and modest achievements over the past decade have evoked different reactions among different people. To some, SAARC is merely a talking shop,

Israel offers help in Ganga cleaning project( Indian Express)

Israel has expressed interest in sharing its expertise on water purification and waste water treatment under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project for cleaning river Ganga. The Centre had set a target of three years to rejuvenate the polluted holy river Ganga and has formed an integrated plan ‘Namaami Gange’