Varjiram Mains POLITICAL SCIENCE TEST 1: Political Theory (Paper I Section A) With Detailed Answer

Click On The Image To View Structure of Answers of the TEST SERIES – PAPER I – POLITICAL THEORY. ——————————————————————————————— Section – A 1.(a) Radical Humanism a. Concept by M.N.Roy b. Believed that Communism had degenerated into nationalism and authoritarianism after WW II c. Pleaded for new humanism based upon

Food price, poverty will rise in Asia by 2030, warns new IPCC report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases full version of fifth assessment report which reiterates what the draft report had said about a looming food crisis and health risks The report observes that farmers in Asia are moving away from agriculture because of repeated droughts (Photo by Aparna Pallavi) Growing food

Stages of E-Governance

Stages of E-Governance United Nations E-Readiness Survey contemplates the following stages of E-governance as to the online presence of Governments worldwide: 1. Emerging Presence – The Stage I i.e. Emerging presence considers online availability of limited and basic information. A basic online presence of an e-government involves an official website and